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The Power Within

Deep River Within

Shifting our relationship with time from the burden of endless to-do lists to a sense of true spaciousness within oneself.

Loving Within

Replace unmet expectations with joy by learning to meet your own needs to be seen for who you are, loved and respected.


The Power Within

A Six-Week Course for Women

What are you wishing for?

  • Less stress, more peace?   

  • A more positive self-image?

  • Happier, more nurturing, relationships?

  • Taking better care of your body?  

  • Less conflict and more quality time with loved ones?

  • Freedom from constant worry about what others are doing and thinking?

  • Slowing down enough to reunite with the creative pursuits of simpler days?

With attention focused inward, each week we will explore a different area of our lives. From learning basic focusing techniques to help in times of stress, to exploring the layers of our self-image, we will learn how to more deeply take care of ourselves, build our self-confidence and take charge of our lives.


May it be your time of discovery; of all that is inside you, just waiting to blossom.

Power Within


"I absolutely loved "The Power Within". Now that it is finished, I miss the weekly gathering of women sharing and discovering together in a safe, warm environment. Nonetheless, I know that what I came away with will last me a lifetime. The space created by Libby and the other participants allowed me to go inside and discover who I really am... sounds simple... yet I've been looking for myself for years!!! The beauty of this course lies in the way this all happens. It is all about process, allowing, creating, and discovering your authentic self, in a very gentle and fun way. If any of this resonates within you, then you would greatly enjoy and benefit from this course."

D.S, Montreal, Qc.

"I have had a wonderful experience through taking The Power Within. I never knew what psychosynthesis was until I met Libby Parker. I have read a lot of self-help books, but working with Libby step-by-step on issues that I was undergoing took me on a nourishing and reviving journey of personal growth. I realized that we as women have the same feelings no matter where we come from, but learning how to cultivate the powers within us to choose when it matters is what makes all the difference."  

Hassna'a M., Saudia Arabia


Deep River Within

A Six-Week Course for Women

Finding time to slow down and get in touch with ourselves often becomes yet another burden and item on our to-do list - probably the one item which, left undone, most makes us feel that we continue to fail ourselves because we just don’t have time to really be ourselves and create the life we yearn for.

In her book, The Deep River WIthin, Abby writes:

“In Deep River experiences, one’s sense of time is almost always altered… In the Deep River Realm, time is not experienced as linear, constraining, and stressful the way that it often is in the rest of our lives. Rather, we have a sense of timelessness or spaciousness. Time, or lack of it, ceases to be the enemy. That is why … we need to look toward the Deep River within to find balance in our harried lives: perhaps it actually isn’t more time that we need but a different way of experiencing the time that we have.”


In the course, we explore these very issues and learn how to address them.  

Loving Within

A Six-Week Course for Women

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. It is not necessary to seek for what is true, but it is necessary to seek for what is false.” – A Course In Miracles 



Loving Within is the final course in a sequence of in-depth self-study.  Self-love always seems to be the final frontier – the place where many of us arrive at the threshold unsure how to proceed further.  We know we are supposed to love ourselves, yet it can feel so difficult. However, once we have learned how to reduce inner barriers and blocks, and learned how to set healthy boundaries within our relationships, we come full circle; how to be more loving to ourselves.


Whether or not you struggle with self-love issues, you will find this a journey of fostering greater self care, self understanding and a deeper awareness that beyond fear - love lays in wait as the very essence of who we are.



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