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Libby Parker is a true gem. I have been to numerous therapists in the past and I have never had such a unique human connection than I do with Libby. Her method of using psychosynthesis was the perfect fit for me by integrating the physical body and the mind. She is caring, kind, experienced, professional, generous, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work. Libby has been like a guardian angel to me, helping me navigate and unravel experiences that have come up in my life. I have been seeing her for years and I can't imagine not having Libby to help me through life's challenges. I highly recommend her!

— Kyle R. (Montreal, Qc.)


What can I say about Libby? She was my beacon of light. I was referred to her 12 years ago, just before my son was born, and she has accompanied and supported me through so many difficult decisions and transitions in my life with her gentle guidance, meditation, and exercises to look within myself for solutions. Her group sessions created a beautiful space for women to connect with authenticity and vulnerability through which I have made lifelong friends.

Erica B. (Montreal, Qc.)


I absolutely loved "The Power Within". Now that it is finished, I miss the weekly gathering of women sharing and discovering together in a safe, warm environment. Nonetheless, I know that what I came away with will last me a lifetime. The space created by Libby and the other participants allowed me to go inside and discover who I really am... sounds simple... yet I've been looking for myself for years!!! The beauty of this course lies in the way this all happens. It is all about process, allowing, creating, and discovering your authentic self, in a very gentle and fun way. If any of this resonates within you, then you would greatly enjoy and benefit from this course.

— D.S (Saint-Adèle, Qc.)


I have had a wonderful experience through taking The Power Within. I never knew what psychosynthesis was until I met Libby Parker. I have read a lot of self-help books, but working with Libby step-by-step on issues that I was undergoing took me on a nourishing and reviving journey of personal growth. I realized that we as women have the same feelings no matter where we come from, but learning how to cultivate the powers within us to choose when it matters is what makes all the difference.

— Hassnaa M.  (Saudi Arabia)

Solutions from Within is a great gift for oneself. The results were quite magical for me! I was particularly amazed how this technique

revealed our inner strengths and how solutions to issues or problems truly lie within us. I recommend this workshop to anyone looking for great tools to deal with our sometimes challenging and stressful life.

— Caroline F. (Montreal, Qc.)


I have so much gratitude to have been honoured and welcomed so safely in the space Libby creates in her work! Through being heard from the heart and guided visualizations, I reconnected to

 parts of myself and came home to my Wholeness. Libby's intuition, experience and softness are what makes

being guided by her a wonderful experience. I truly recommend for anyone looking for a guide back to one's HEART.

— R.M (Montreal, Qc.)

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