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The psychology with a soul. 

Psychosynthesis, developed by Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli, blends Western philosophy and psychology with Eastern studies of human consciousness, such as the connection of the body, feelings, mind, and spirit, creating a dynamic school of human development. 


Dr. Assagioli's work teaches us how to live more fully by tapping into the higher realms of what it means to be human: inspiration, creativity, experiencing wisdom and joy, and learning how to bring these qualities into everyday life. Central to this process is the development of the will. 


Psychosynthesis is based on simple but powerful techniques. The tools that characterize Solutions from Within courses such as imagery, visualization, expressive writing and mindful meditation are also used in private psychotherapy sessions.

What to Expect in a Psychosynthesis Session
"I have had painters bring in their freshly painted canvases illustrating that week's insights." - Libby Parker

Psychosynthesis sessions are usually held on a weekly basis for a 

duration of an hour. The sessions initially include 

dialogue, relaxation techniques and self-awareness exercises.


For the client who wishes to deepen their experience, techniques such as imagery and visualization, movement, gestalt, dream work, mindful awareness, journaling, art work, and other forms of exploration/expression that the client uses in their life may also be used.

Clients are encouraged to bring a notebook or journal to sessions, to record insights and to note any assignments between sessions.

Personal Note

In 1993, I picked up a pamphlet that I had been saving for two years. I had just returned to Montreal from a stay in Nova Scotia where I went to look after my dying mother. It was a time of deep change. I realized the only way that I wasn’t going to start to feel “old” was if I lived my life fully each day the way I wanted to. In my life, I had witnessed that unresolved regrets can prematurely age people. So, I picked up the phone and dialled the number on the pamphlet and began a journey that has spanned 25 years.


Psychosynthesis spoke to me immediately. The founder, Roberto Assagioli, wrote about exactly the challenges that I was facing. Here is an excerpt from my application from 1993:


"I have been unable to reconcile my self-awareness with my continued unhealthy behaviour (habits). Although over time this has increasingly improved, I have been protecting myself from this pain so tightly that I am loosing circulation in my life. My world has become small, intense and stressful; stressful from judging myself, comparing myself to who I should be, and yet being painfully unable to change."


This process changed my life. If you resonate with some of what I felt and how deeply I was stuck, there is an abundance of wonderful healing modalities out there – you just have to find the one that speaks to you.


So this journey has been about growth, discovering myself and loving what I have found. It has been a journey about love. Who am I? I am a woman who was very fortunate to come across a flyer in a bookstore that changed her life. I am a woman who learned that teaching even one person in a family to learn to live with less fear can change the world for children. I am a woman who has learned, and lived, that it is possible to change.


Seventeen years ago Assagioli set me off on my journey with just four simple words:


from pain to peace


Never give up believing that, if you need to, you too can make that journey.

Libby Parker

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