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Soul Retreat
by the Sea

Next edition: June 6-10, 2022

With the backdrop of the ocean as our inspiration, I am pleased to announce the fourth "Soul Retreat by the Sea," taking place June 6th to 10th at the beautiful White Point Beach Resort in Nova Scotia.  This five day, four night retreat offers a unique opportunity to leave behind the cares and demands of daily life. As you enter the driveway of White Point, so begins your personal retreat which will invite you to unwind and begin a period of soulful rejuvenation and discovery. 

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Seaside retreat for women

Expanding awareness of oneself and one's life.

This year we have a unique opportunity to ride the coattails of the great upheaval we all have been experiencing. The reflective atmosphere of the ocean during the late autumn, which was so conducive to previous retreats as we retreated inside to discover what was waiting for our attention, now has evolved into a call for June sunshine, for bright spring flowers and for nature walks as the world begins to bloom again. Reflection has been a daily activity for most of us over these past couple of years, and what I hope to create in this retreat is an opportunity for moving out of reflection: letting go of outdated, restrictive identities and patterns, and discovering - amidst the company of other women doing the same thing - what fresh goals we want to create to carve out new directions and possibilities.

Many of us are all too aware of the losses of these past two years, in life as it used to be, and for some of us, old structures fell away and this was a good thing, but for many of us, these years have deeply challenged us and left us unsure where to find sure footing to take our next step. I have some ideas of how we can rebuild and how we can uncover what we can count on in life, and the unique intention for me in this retreat is to get back to basics and provide guidance on how our hearts can lead us outward to a life of greater meaning, passion and purpose than we might have previously envisioned, or imagined possible, for ourselves.  

Past retreats have found participants leaving with a sense of feeling lighter, more connected to themselves in a deeply profound way, and with plans to design a more emotionally enriching life.


Personal Work

The retreat offers a daily schedule which includes experiential exercises, both guided and silent meditations, journal writing, walks in nature, and extended periods of silence. During our group sessions, each participant will have the opportunity to focus on whatever personal goal they choose: reconnecting with themselves, mending relationships, learning greater self-care and compassion, exploring how to navigate difficult life transitions, rebalancing daily life, or simply getting some much needed rest.  This retreat is intended to further you along towards the next step in your personal development, with tools to help you achieve your goals, and put your insights into practice once you leave the retreat.


What's Included

A  5-day guided retreat, accommodation in either Oceanfront or Seaview cottages (all cottages are equipped with either a wood stove or a wood burning fireplace), or a White Point room in one of lodges,  or you can reserve a bed in the Ocean Club Beach House where the retreat will be held. Accommodation prices include a meal plan with breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is wonderful. If you have any dietary concerns or requests, please advise me as soon as possible so I can plan accordingly. 

Transportation to the retreat not included.  For those coming from out of town, we usually manage to carpool in some form from the airport to the resort. 


The ocean just outside your front door.

White Point Beach Resort was once again chosen as the retreat location because of the stunning beauty of the location, situated directly on a one-kilometer beach with a surf that sends one to sleep each night.  Watching the sunrise over the ocean is something not to be missed (at least one morning!) and as we are having this retreat in June, we might just get our toes in the water and be able to take advantage of the many summer activities which were unavailable during previous off-season retreats. I always looked longingly at the boathouse and now on a free afternoon we can try our hand at canoeing or kayaking and there are also bicycles available with really lovely, tree lined paths to ride them on.  

On the first Soul Retreat, I was interested to know if White Point would be all that I was hoping for in a retreat location, and it was. I found that what I most wanted to offer to participants was here: beauty, a sense of the wildness of nature, a feeling of freedom from the everyday (which we often begin to think is who we are), with rare access to the beach just outside our front doors. 

What can I say - the ocean is healing.  Waking up and having a coffee sitting in the sun overlooking the ocean, breathing in the salt air, taking long walks on the lovely White Point grounds, allowing ourselves to be fed delicious food which we don’t need to lift a finger to prepare, and a celebratory last evening which will include a wonderful lobster dinner (or alternative) and a bonfire close to the beach.  You will be provided with a safe space and offered tools and guidance that will allow  you to surrender your usual habitual way of being and let nature and the company of other women on a similar journey support your own.

Past retreats have found participants leaving with a sense of feeling lighter, more connected to themselves in a deeply profound way, and with plans to design a more emotionally enriching life. 



Cost of White Point Accommodations

prices include a meal plan which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner:

$205* per person per night double occupancy and $255 single occupancy in the cottages; $205 double occupancy and $240 single occupancy in the White Point rooms. Please contact me for the Ocean Club Beach House rates.  *Accommodation rates are subject to a 12% gratuity charge and will be subject to the Nova Scotia Sales Tax.



Cost Retreat Facilitation: $425

Registration deadline is May 15th, 2022, but earlier registration is advised as space is limited.


To register or for more information about registration, payment schedule and cancellation policy, please contact Libby Parker at or at (514) 222-1471.  

A payment plan is available. Feel free to contact me for details.


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