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Libby Parker

Originally from Nova Scotia, Libby Parker moved to Montreal upon completion of her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre at Dalhousie University. Parker's studies in theatre revealed to her the liberating and healing power of expression and planted the seed for her interdisciplinary approach to personal growth.

By exploring identity beyond our daily concept of who we are, we free ourselves of self-imposed limits - limits which can cause us pain and dissatisfaction.


Parker's journey of self exploration continued with psychotherapist Olga Denisko, founder of Montreal's "Psychosynthesis Pathways." Inspired by the core changes possible through this therapeutic process, Parker completed training to become a certified psychosynthesis practitioner herself in 1996, going on to assist Denisko in leading workshops. 

As Parker's psychotherapy practice flourished, so did her original series of courses, workshops and seaside retreats for women. Libby's gentle strength, empathic listening and creative tools offer the ideal conditions for personal reflection and communal support. Believing that trust is central for allowing truths to unfold, Parker offers a safe, respectful and nourishing space to explore difficulties and begin the process of change.

Meditation has underpinned Parker's approach to wellness for over thirty years. Many of the tools in psychosynthesis incorporate mindful awareness making it a school of healing that pioneered the recent widespread cultural shift to mindfulness practices.

Libby Parker



A blend of Western schools of psychology  and Eastern philosophies of the human consciousness that emphasize the connection of mind, body, emotion and soul.

The Power Within is a unique class series for women that focuses on cultivating awareness, direction and harmony in one's self and one's life through self exploration and creative expression.

Guided retreats with a daily schedule of experiential exercises, guided and solitary meditations, journal writing, nature walks, and periods of silence. In group sessions, participants can focus on a personal goal of their choice.

E-courses focusing on diverse themes including: love and relationships, cultivating a positive self image, forming habits for the life you want and many more.

Improve the workplace environment for staff and students through seminars and conferences on personal wellness and effective communication in corporate and academic institutions.

A six week course for women about slowing down and gently shifting our relationship with time from the burden of endless to-do lists to a sense of true spaciousness within oneself.


What all the Solutions from Within courses, workshops and sessions have in common is a three stage process:


  • Awareness: Discovering how you actively create your life every day and identifying areas where you'd like to make adjustments.

  • Acceptance: By honestly looking at the results of our decisions, we begin to understand our motivations. Taking responsibility for our lives builds self esteem.

  • Action: The rewarding and fun process of choosing to live in alignment with the person you enjoy being. 

  • Improve self esteem by focusing inward rather than seeking validation in codependent relationships

  • Cultivate healthy relationships by letting go of old patterns and clarifying personal boundaries

  • Learn the art of self nurturing and transform unmet needs into the joy of being yourself

  • Energize what inspires you and give loving attention to the parts of yourself that need healing

  • Learn how to overcome your resistance to changes you deeply desire by forming alternative behaviours

  • Release guilt and self criticism by creating a more positive self image and sense of inner worth

  • Prioritize the activities and connections that encourage you to be your most authentic self


Montreal, Quebec - Canada  |  Tel: 514-222-1471

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Hasnaa Mokhtar, Writer and Ph.D. candidate in International Development. Fulbright Alumna.

Healing was not, is not, and will never be a comfortable journey with a definite beginning or end. There are no checklists for a cure. There might be common experiences and earlier seekers to guide us along the way. Mine started with the “Emotionally Abused Woman” by Beverly Engel and Libby Parker. The former you can read about. As for Libby, there are volumes to write about her and little space to do her justice. I flew to Montreal in the summer of 2009. Before going, I looked online for activities to keep me busy during my two months stay there. I typed in Google the words women and healing. The results led me to this woman who showed me how to heal my inner scars. I remember the day I walked in the room to meet Libby for the first time. She sat calmly on her yoga mat dressed in white with a gentle smile that lit her face up. Ten years and counting, Libby continues to be my spiritual mentor and friend to this day. She pushed me, at moments gently and sometimes with firmness, to go back to those red bruises scattered all over my history. She held my hand while I confronted and patted each painful memory lovingly.

Thank you, Libby. 

Excerpt from Mokhtar's upcoming paper, “Things Fall Apart When They Need to be Rebuilt."

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